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"They show up on time, they cleaned up after themselves. They come highly rated from me. We have used them for a number of years, and they are very dependable."

James S.



Carrier Heat Pumps in Landenberg

Oxford Plumbing and Heating carries and services Carrier Heat Pumps for Landenberg and the surrounding area. The Carrier Heat Pump 25HNA was recently voted Consumer Digest’s Best Buy. These heat pumps received this award for their energy efficiency and low noise level as well as superior manufacturing.

Landenberg is in the southern part of Chester County and is considered a commuter town for Wilmington, DE. It is also where the ticking tomb is located. Legend has it that while Charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon were mapping out the Mason Dixon line they stopped in Landenberg. During their stop here they were examining a pocket watch when a local youngster named Fithian Minuit liked the ticking watch so much he put it in his mouth and swallowed it. He grew into adulthood with the watch still in his stomach. Then when he died the watch was still ticking. It is said that if you put your ear onto the flat gravestone you can hear it ticking. It is believed that Edger Allen Poe visited this grave and the story intrigued him so much that it became the inspiration for his story the Tell Tale Heart.

For more information on servicing Carrier Heat Pumps in Landenberg and other towns in Chester County call Oxford Plumbing and Heating at 610-932-9503.





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